Chief Analytics & Insights Officer

Stephanie Young-Helou


With more than 20 years in business and data analysis roles, Stephanie is an experienced data analyst with a passion for data, helping mid-sized to Fortune 1000 companies in uncovering brand insights to improve customer experience, brand loyalty, and their bottom line. Stephanie has held leadership roles across a variety of companies. Most recently she served as VP of Data Analytics at NextRadio, where she broke new ground with a process to quantify how the radio industry measures data attribution.

Applying her data research skills, Stephanie has spent over 15 years providing qualitative and quantitative research services at consulting companies such as Walker, Nunwood, and G&S Research. Providing leadership in the development of products and services, Stephanie determines customer needs and takes steps to ensure products are successful. In addition, she has developed new analytical techniques to keep companies at the forefront of research innovation.

Stephanie brings a wealth of experience across a wide range of industry segments including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance, finance, manufacturing, automotive, retail, technology, telecommunications, and utilities.

Prior to joining the business world, Stephanie was an instructor of mathematics at Ball State University.

With a Master’s in Mathematical Statistics and a minor in Computer Science coupled with a Bachelor’s in Business Management, Stephanie has become an industry leader and speaker on data and its application to discover the factors affecting consumer behavior and the impact on companies to drive growth. 

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