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People are the lifeblood of your culture – and your organization! We have pragmatic and proven disciplines and practical approaches to partner with you to help you develop your people. Growing your people will contribute to growing your organization’s results.

There are three key factors involved:

  • What are the critical processes in your organization?
  • What are the key skills required to execute those processes?
  • How do you build those skills within your people?

Organizations – now more than ever – are facing many new challenges. Culture Fit 20/20 is here to support the success of your goals. Begin your culture transformation by exploring our customized services.

Let’s look together at how these solutions can further develop and engage your team. Contact us to explore how to get started.

Launch Employee Personalized Opportunity and Development Strategy (“PODS”)


An engaged employee is a more productivity employee. This dives into key elements of planning with your employees, business and skills needs, and strategies for developing them in their skills, contributions, and careers. It will also assess and enhance effective two-way feedback.

This engagement reviews existing employee development processes, templates; career tracks/options; identifies development opportunities and advancement pipeline scope. We also encompass employee, manager feedback process; performance review process, gaps, changes; and collaborate to design or refine development planning and implementation.

Mentoring and Coaching

Education and applying skills are often significantly enhanced and more productive, when combined with informal or formal mentoring, and coaching.

Mentor Engagement

In this engagement, we assess the current skills transfer approach, process and tools. We explore how mentoring is leveraged. We co-create/update goals for mentoring, and design a mentoring approach and program (degree of formality is up to the client organization). We scope a pilot deployment, and shepherd the program through early implementation.

Leadership Coaching

We review interest, needs, and goals for coaching in the organization. We assess areas of need for coaching, i.e., Leadership coaching, Development coaching, Performance coaching, New manager coaching and training, New process implementation coaching. We collaborate with senior leadership to scope, shape, and conduct a coaching pilot. Following initial pilot implementation, we review findings, results, and recommendations.

Development Workshops

Interactive workshops designed to provide an overview, prepare a foundation and provide a more in-depth educational and “hands-on” experience. Instruction, exercises, and group interaction reinforce key topics, principles and practices. Held on-premises or virtually.

Scope: ½ to Full Day (or 2 Days)
Delivery: Group Workshops (On-premises or Virtual)
Deliverables: Presentation Visuals, Handouts, Assessment/Tool Reports when used


Workshop Course Leaders Project Managers Employees Duration
Managing Your Career X X X 1 Day
Practical Leadership Skills X 3 Days
Managing Your Virtual Workforce X 1 Day
Stimulating Creativity and Innovation X 3 Days
The Discipline of Execution * X X 2 Days
Leading Through Emotional Intelligence * X X 3 Days
Coaching Your Team: Principles of Mentoring and Coaching X 2 Days
Verbally Defusing Confrontations X X X Online
Preventing Sickness & Enjoy Well-Being X X X Online
Effective Changes in Workers Compensation X Online
Success Under Stress X X X Online
Leading Project Teams * (R) X 3 Days
How to Communicate, Influence & Negotiate in Project Management * (R) X 3 Days
Project Management: Tools | Principles | Practices * (R) X 3 Days
How to Be a Highly Effective Project Manager * X 3 Days
Working Effectively while Working Remotely X X X 1 Day
Managing Your Manager X X X 1 Day

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