Chief Opportunity Creator & Partner

Josh Dick


The concept of Culture Fit 2020 came from a meeting with co-founder Susanne Bowen where they discussed the needs companies have within their culture. They found that their skill sets complemented each other and knew they had the knowledge and experience to help businesses address their culture.

Josh is a seasoned business and sales professional, he has significant experience in leading organizations and partnering with companies to understand their unique needs, challenges and delivering solutions that support key business initiatives and drive real business impact.

Josh has an excellent track record of meeting and exceeding goals. Josh has extensive experience in sales, new business prospecting, customer service, retention and strategic marketing. He brings to the table proven sales and sales management experience with a commitment to rapid, high impact sales results along with extensive consulting, sales knowledge and negotiation skills.

Josh loves to have fun going out with friends, photography, sailing, hiking, biking and just being creative.

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