Culture and the employee

By Susanne Bowen

We find ourselves in unprecedented times where workplace practices are being rewritten in real time. Caught between meeting goals and compassionately and strategically managing both virtual and on-site workforces, organization cultures are being tested in their ability to be flexible and adapt to an external environment that requires strict adherence to health protocols.


Culture is a competitive advantage you can leverage on an on-going basis. It is a differentiator that is your company’s alone. It shapes your brand identity, impacts customer satisfaction and how you are viewed in the marketplace. It drives employee referrals, improves employee retention, while inspiring and motivating employees to reach higher and innovate. It is in fact the employee that is the key to attaining strategic goals given clear and strong leadership.

A happy employee is a happy customer.

A happy employee can be an advocate for customers as well as attract top talent. Employee engagement and empowerment, talent retainment, communication and evolving management skills are all critical variables impacting an organization’s cultural health and strength. Indeed, they are competitive factors that enable an organization to survive unexpected and severe environmental events.


In upcoming blogs we will examine key elements influencing the success and strength of organizational culture, including successful management  virtual workforces, celebration of achievements, communication styles and performance feedback amongst others as they impact the achievement of strategic goals during a pandemic.

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