Focus on the Positive:

Employee Engagement

By Susanne Bowen

To say we are living in unprecedented times has become cliché. The world is under the influence of a viral agent that is both formidable and unpredictable. We yearn for normalcy in our daily lives like sharing a coffee with a friend in a crowded coffee shop or dropping the kids off at school. As aptly stated by the leading global advisory firm, Willis Towers Watson, “No one is left unaffected, and no two companies or individuals are affected in the same way.” 1

And so, we – as individuals, families, organizations, and society as a whole – navigate and adjust our lives daily. We consider current and possible future landscapes. In times of crisis, history has been there for reflection and guidance.

Today, however, this pandemic has no relatable precedent. Nonetheless, organizations are stepping up and doing the right thing. Based on a recent survey by Willis Towers Watson, nine out of ten organizations report establishing measures to support employees during the COVID-10 pandemic.

In early May, Gallup reported that the percentage of “engaged” workers (those who are highly involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace) climbed to 38% – a 4% increase since the pandemic began and the highest since 2000 when tracking on the metric began.

Collaboration of overall organization and senior leadership’s concern and support for employee health and safety measures are cited as reasons for this rise. 2 A Chief Human Resource Officer at one of the world’s largest insurance companies commented that “the crisis has created a level of transparency and trust in our workforce we haven’t seen in decades.”3


We are faced with a remarkable opportunity – in the face of adversity – to build upon the growth in employee engagement, to continue to build bridges, improve communication, and address the needs of the employee in light of the purpose and goals of the organization. By capitalizing on the positive and what can be achieved, organizations can gainfully impact employee morale, productivity, and connection to the organization while simultaneously improving the fitness of culture.


  • Willis Towers Watson, Pandemic Poses Path to Boost Employee Engagement
  • Willis Towers Watson, Pandemic Poses Path to Boost Employee Engagement

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