Culture Fit 20/20

Organizations – now more than ever – are facing many new challenges. Culture Fit 20/20 is here to support the success of your goals. Begin your culture transformation by exploring our customized services.

Culture Fit 20/20 Assessment - Standard

  • Discovery meeting with project sponsor
  • Identify organization’s culture challenges
  • Conduct employee & leadership focus groups/interviews
  • Deploy Culture Fit 20/20 survey across organization
  • Review and analyze
  • Share culture findings and recommendations

Culture Fit 20/20 Assessment - Enhanced

  • Standard +
  • Deploy enhanced Culture Fit 20/20 survey across organization
  • Share initial findings and recommendations
  • Leadership workshop
  • Employee focus group follow-up
  • Deliver report, final conclusions & recommendations
  • Share Fitness Solution Roadmap
  • Communicate findings and Roadmap across organization

In conducting a culture assessment, we use focus groups, interviews and survey research to ask questions such as:

Does leadership’s description of its culture match that viewed by employees? (collaborative, customer-focused, entrepreneurial, etc.)

Do policies, procedures, incentives and overall management style reflect the culture of the organization as described by leadership?

Do employees receive regular feedback? Are they given a voice and opportunity to speak out and contribute their knowledge and opinions on a subject?

Culture Fit 20/20 Vision Solution

The Culture Fit 20/20 Vision Solution is designed to provide a comprehensive view of your organization’s existing culture and then deliver a solution roadmap that will guide the organization in implementing its vision of a fit culture.


Phase 1: Establish Organization’s Culture Challenges

Gather, Analyze, & Share Company-Wide Input

Phase 2: Develop Solution Roadmap

Collaborative effort by client and Culture Fit 20/20 teams

Phase 3: Implement Culture Fit 20/20 solutions

Communicate findings and solution to greater organization

Phase 4: Monitor Post-Implementation Progress

Conduct semi-annual reviews post implementation

Culture Fit 20/20

Assessment Model

Our model captures what we view to be the primary variables and attributes impacting an organization’s culture. The model guides our assessment of a culture based cultural challenges utilizing qualitative and quantitative research in partnership with client organizations.

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