Advisory Board

The Culture Fit 20/20 advisory board seeks to represent the diversity found in the workforce. Its role is to voice the needs, concerns and interests of the various demographic constituents, in general, as well as on an as-needed basis for projects. 

The advisory board serves three primary functions:  

  • Firstly, guide the company in all areas regarding culture and our brand as a whole so that we continuously fulfill our mission to help build better cultures.
  • Secondly, provide insight as needed during discovery sessions and other cultural assessments with client organizations.
  • Thirdly, on a per project basis that require targeted consulting solutions to continue to build a strong and empowered.  These solutions are at an added cost to our clients and provide a paid opportunity for our consultants and advisers.
  • Lastly, provide guidance regarding the transition from current state culture to desired state culture.

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