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We are Culture Fit 20/20

We spend the time it takes to understand the internal and external influences and dynamics impacting your culture.
We commit to providing you with actionable information that can assist in correcting course to make your organization more effective and competitive.
Culture Fit 20/20 solutions are customized and tailored to your organization’s needs.

We draw on our team of consultants.

Susanne is a decades-long student of building healthy and productive cultures in the workplace. She has served as a trusted advisor to small, medium and large organizations and managed both domestic and international market research practices.

Susanne Bowen

Managing Partner
Josh has extensive experience in leading organizations and partnering with companies to deliver solutions that support key business initiatives and drive real business impact.

Josh Dick

Chief Opportunity Creator
Stephanie is an experienced data analyst with a passion for data. With more than 20 years in business and data analysis roles and over 15 years providing qualitative and quantitative research services at consulting companies.

Stephanie Young-Helou

Chief Analytics & Insights Officer
Mike blends extensive coaching and corporate experience to help develop and empower others professionally and personally. He focuses on leadership development, career management, employee engagement and development.
Mike_Red bkgrd

Mike Johnson

Chief Empowerment Officer
From founding companies and serving as CEO, leading in academia to designing and directing corporate scientific initiatives, Dr. Letton’s skills in strategic planning, process design, and quality have won him followers and a rewarding career.
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Dr. Alan Letton

Susan worked for Eli Lilly and Company for 32 years, primarily in HR Compensation roles. Leading Executive Compensation for over 20 years, she oversaw all compensation for the senior management and the regulatory compliance and governance for the executive compensation function.
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Susan Hutchens


Using a multidisciplinary approach, we partner with clients to build high-performing, engaged cultures where employees are valued and empowered, and the organization is a sought-after employer.

Build employee engagement and empowerment, and embrace diversity as means to (thereby) improving overall organization performance and ability to attract top talent.

To be a driving force in creating healthy (fit) cultures where the needs and values of the organization and employees align and performance exceeds expectations.

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