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Culture Fit 20/20 focuses on the well-being, preparedness and alignment of employees’ needs and values with those of the organization.

We partner with organizations to clarify and implement changes required to foster a more productive culture. To that end, we provide services and solutions that address the needs and values of both leadership and employees.

The result? Mission, vision and values are communicated and positioned to guide an engaged and empowered employee base.

In conducting a culture assessment, we use focus groups, interviews and survey research to ask questions such as:

Does leadership’s description of its culture match that viewed by employees? (collaborative, customer-focused, entrepreneurial, etc.)

Do policies, procedures, incentives and overall management style reflect the culture of the organization as described by leadership?

Do employees receive regular feedback? Are they given a voice and opportunity to speak out and contribute their knowledge and opinions on a subject?


Research Services: At Culture Fit 20/20 we live research & data.

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